6 great apps from Toca Boca

appsIf you have young kids who use apps on your smartphone or tablet, then you are probably familiar with Toca Boca. Toca Boca is an award-winning play studio that makes digital toys and games geared toward stimulating young minds. Their apps encourage creativity and never require any in-app purchases—which is great for parents who may have not put a lock on their device.

While Toca Boca has several different types of apps—all with different styles of play, many kids enjoy the Toca Life series most, which places a dozen or so cute little monster characters all over a neighborhood. Kids can move these characters from room to room and into different buildings and public spaces outdoors. They can clothe them and equip them with anything from groceries to boxes to books and more.

Toca Life: Town
Grownups, kids and cute little creatures all inhabit this happy town which includes an apartment, a family house, a police station, a general store, a restaurant and a park. Kids can interact with the characters as they go and get a toy, wrap a gift, play the radio, type and more.

Toca Life: City
Newer and different characters inhabit the sprawling metropolis in Toca City. Kids can travel to numerous locations and interact with almost everything. There’s a shopping mall, food park, loft apartment, theater, hair salon and tailor. Go clothes shopping, get a new hairstyle, eat some food and more. It’s a great place to visit.

Toca Life: School
Grab you’re book bag and head on over to Toca School where kids can interact with Toca classmates in their house, school, youth club, café and on the playground. Kids can command a total of 32 characters to put stuff in a locker, teach a class, play in the band, start a food fight and more. It’s totally fun!

Toca Mini
This adorable app lets kids design their own friends, monsters, fantasy animals and whatever their little minds can think of! Dress them up, dress them down. Add as many eyes as you want or as little. The Toca Minis are all a product of your child’s imagination and creative expression. Kids can add colors or stripes to create sleeves and pants—or experiment with stamps to add practical or whimsical details like hats, buckles, buttons and scars. As your child’s creation is being made, it will move, wave or sneeze during the process and make cute little noises. And when all is said and done, kids can snap a photo of their new friend and save it to their album.

Toca Boca Hair Salon 2
Toca Hair Salon is a must-have on for every kid. It improves greatly on the original—with new characters, new tools, and new accessories. Kids can cut, curl, color, and style their character’s hair any way they want. And they can choose from 6 different characters to experiement on: Havanna, Mac, Dohanna, Mindy, Jazz and Anton.

Toca Boca Kitchen 2
The sequel to Toca’s original hit app adds more fun to the kitchen. Sure kids can still chop, fry, and bake, but now the can blend too. And they don’t have to do any of it the right way either. Kids will love making crazy shakes, juicing tomatoes and even boiling a salad. Yuck! Toca Kitchen 2 lets kids explore creative cuisine and then force-feed it to the characters! And best of all, you don’t have to worry about the mess.