Kaare Llumi

Kaare going for a walk in the woods.
Kaare posing for a photo in the woods.

Welcome to my small, self-titled portion of the Internet. My name is Kaare and for the past few years, I’ve been working as a therapist in Algonquin, Illinois. Prior to receiving my license to practice therapy, I graduated with a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Chicago. I started my own private practice soon after, which I continue to run to this day. I consider myself truly blessed to be in this line of work and learn about the lives of so many amazing people.

My Unique Skills

I always felt like I stood out in a crowd. My own first name, for example, is more commonly known as a male’s name. My parents, on the other hand, thought it would be a fitting name for their daughter, and I’m inclined to agree with them. However, I feel that my acute sense of what people are feeling is my most unique quality. This aids me in my writing, my work, and my own personal love life. I’m able to relate to others not only as a therapist, a friend, or a relative, but on a human level as well.

How Relationships Between People Are Changing

My experiences in college helped me not only learn how to excel in my profession, but also build meaningful personal and professional relationships with other people. They motivated me to take a closer look at all types of love. The human experience is always evolving, and as a result, our relationships with each other become redefined. I’m very interested in the role different forms of communcation, as well as the rising popularity of nonmonogamy, play in our everyday, romantic relationships. How have our communication styles changed the way we show love to one another? Is it going against human nature to practice monogamy? Does nonmonogamy come more naturally to us? How does this affect how openly we share with each other? I plan to explore these themes, and more, throughout my posts on this blog.