Coldplay’s Most Popular Hit Songs

It wasn't easy to choose Coldplay's best songs.

Coldplay is arguably the world’s most popular band right now. Though they’re still at the height of their success, they have been releasing albums and hit singles since the year 2000. Their career has spanned across almost two whole decades, and over time they’ve had several chart toppers throughout the world. Some of Coldplay’s best songs have become anthems and favorites for listeners both young and old. Here’s a look at five of their most popular hits.

Coldplay's known for their live shows.
Coldplay always puts on a great live show.

Paradise (2012)

This hit was a massive success. Its sweeping strings and energetic synth bass, mixed with the band’s iconic driving drums and heartfelt piano lines, create a full and lively song that always has fans singing along. This mid-paced song is both energetic and anthemic.

Fix You (2005)

Originally written for Chris Martin’s ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, after her dad passed away, this song is both emotionally stirring and catchy. With warm tones and soaring vocals, “Fix You” is a wonderful example of Coldplay’s ability to write relatable songs. This song has been used at several significant events, including Steve Jobs’ funeral.

Viva La Vida (2008)

This was the band’s first number one hit single in the UK and USA. It includes several Christian references and is full to the brim with bells, chimes, and catchy string arrangements. “Viva La Vida” has become one of Coldplay’s best songs and is still considered a highlight at the band’s live events. It was also the iTunes’ best-selling song of the year back in 2008.

Yellow (2000)

“Yellow” was Coldplay’s second single from their first album. Although it only reached number four on the UK singles chart, it was a catalytic moment in their career. This song was used in several promotions and gradually grew in popularity all over the world. Many longtime fans regard it as one of Coldplay’s best songs, and it never fails to remind listeners of how much their sound has evolved over the years.

A Sky Full of Stars (2014)

This collaboration with Avicii has become the band’s most iconic dance track. It features pulsing drums and bright, lively synth lines. “A Sky Full of Stars” appeared on Coldplay’s 6th studio album, where it stood out as a song shining with hope and optimism on an album that was otherwise reflective and somber.


It might seem like a strange choice to write about Coldplay on my blog. After all, I mainly focus on relationships (both traditional and unconventional). But I think a lot of people appreciate their music, and songs like “Fix You” describe some tough times people experience in relationships. Personally, I find their songs to be very beautiful and inspiring.