Photography Tips for Beginners

photography tips

Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography has been a common hobby long before smartphones and professional cameras existed. Any individual with a device can take a picture, but being a photographer requires more skill. Many camera features lead to optimal picture taking, but not everyone knows what these features are. The internet has many articles on how to take professional photos with a cell phone if you don’t have a camera and still want photography tips. However, this article is focused on photography tips for DSLR cameras rather than phones. 


Beautiful camera with the different lenses

Too many people are relying on their experience with a smartphone and upgrading to a professional DSLR camera. They hope that their iPhone experience is transferrable and will allow them to manage this type of equipment. As you probably guessed, this is not usually the case. Although, taking pictures with an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy is a start. Especially with the newer and innovative models. Some people even use their phones to cell phone lookup their partners. 

Practice Taking Pictures

Like anything in life, practice makes perfect. One of the best ways to get into DSLR photography is to start taking pictures. You can practice shooting in manual mode, specifically with a 2 second timer on a tripod. Practice shooting long exposures at night which can be tricky. Despite the location or the light do your best and work from there. Photography is meant to be an enjoyable activity, so have fun with it. 

Practice Editing

The backend of photography is just as important as the front end. Most beginning photographer are unaware of editing programs like PicMonkey or Adobe Photoshop, and these programs are essential to the editing process. Those that are wanting to become photographers are definitely going to want to spend time with these useful programs. There is a bit of learning curve in comparison to editing pictures on your phone. 

photography tips
You need a great camera for top-notch picture taking

Camera Features

If someone is new to photography, they may not know what aperture, shutter speed, and ISO are when it comes to camera features. Aperture refers to the depth of field, or how much of the picture is in focus. It is measured in increments like F/1.8 or F/6. Shutter speed is how long the shutter speed is open. Night time photos will require a long shutter speed to let more light in. ISO is how the camera adjusts to the lighting of the area that it is shooting in.

Picture Taking

These are some of my photography tips for a beginner trying to improve their skills. If you are looking for more intensive training you might want to take a photography course or intern with a professional photographer. An investment in a DSLR camera is a serious one, especially if it has a full-frame sensor. No matter what DSLR you have, go outside with some friends and start taking pictures. If you enjoyed this post, check out my last one about how to internet date better