Ways Your Relationship Can Negatively Affect Other People

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We’ve all had experience with that one couple who couldn’t stand being around each other. It can make us feel anxious, uncomfortable, or upset. And in some cases, we might have been one of the guilty parties. Just like our words and actions can affect other people, so can our relationships. Whether you used Android spy software to find out your spouse was cheating, or stayed too long with someone you despised, it’s important to understand how other people might view your relationship.

It Can Be A Burden

Perhaps the best example of this was an incident that just happened the other day. On a plane from Doha to Indonesia, a married couple caused a disturbance so severe that the flight had to be diverted. While he was sleeping, the wife unlocked her husband’s phone to discover that he had been cheating on her. She began to assault him and while the crew tried to diffuse the situation, the pilot made an emergency landing at the nearest airport. The couple was then escorted off the plane with their child.

This unhappy couple delayed an entire flight.
Imagine having your flight delayed because of a couple like this.

Had the wife installed Android spy software on her husband’s phone, she would have known about his infidelity a lot sooner. The couple’s infidelity, abusive behavior, and more had inconvenienced an entire plane of individuals who were headed for Indonesia. Unhappy relationships can have similar effects in our everyday lives, too. If a couple cannot work through their issues on their own, other people might have to pay the consequences.

It Can Strain Friendships

Growing up in high school, my best friend was dating a boy who was obviously not right for her. It wasn’t exactly a happy relationship, either. As she began to adopt more unhealthy behaviors and attitudes from being around him so often, I distanced myself from her. I had always been there for her, ever since we were children, but that was what ultimately drove us apart. She was too attached to this boy to make time for anyone else in her life. We attempted to rekindle our friendship a few years ago, but it’s never been the same. You might be driving your friends away, too, if you continue to stay in an unhealthy relationship.

As always, you need to consider how your actions affect others. That’s why it’s important to seek out fulfilling, healthy relationships. Abusive and unhappy couples, although unintentionally, can drag other people down with them. Questionable behavior, like installing Android spy software on their spouse’s phone, is just one of many things that can make other people uncomfortable. One way to prevent this from happening is by building a strong foundation of trust. Life is too short to spend with someone you can’t fully trust.